Best-in-Class Standard-Range RFID Read Performance with a Powerful Android Platform

Introducing the next evolution of our successful MC3300R family of integrated UHF/RAIN RFID readers. The MC3330xR is packed with features to bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to inventory and asset management applications. You get the same proven lightweight ergonomic design and superior RFID read performance, now with Zebra’s latest, most powerful and secure Android architecture. The ultra-powerful processor, integrated NFC reader and 35% larger capacity battery boost task speed and ease of use. Zebra’s signature rugged design ensures maximum uptime. And you can create intuitive Android applications that use the MC3330xR’s powerful computing platform, large touchscreen and physical keypad. The MC3330xR — the next evolution in handheld UHF/RAIN RFID readers.

Simplify application development with a common platform

If you are using other Zebra handheld RFID readers across your supply chain, you can streamline application development with a single software development kit. There’s no need to learn a different app development framework or rewrite an application — use the same SDK for the MC3330xR, MC3390xR, MC3330R, MC3390R, RFD2000 and RFD8500 RFID Sled.

Simplify full-fleet rollouts with EMDK and RFID SDK for Xamarin

Xamarin’s cross-development platform lets developers use their C# skills and tools to develop fast, beautiful apps for Android devices. With Zebra’s EMDK and RFID SDK for Xamarin, it’s easy to incorporate all the advanced enterprise features of the MC3330xR into your Xamarin apps. Our EMDK simplifies enterprise application design for faster, more cost-effective development cycles, while our RFID SDK for Xamarin allows you to use RFID apps you’ve developed for other Zebra devices on the MC3330xR.

Extraordinary RFID performance — flexible, fast and accurate

Ideal for standard-range RFID applications, the MC3330xR can capture RFID tags up to 19.7 feet/6 m away. Its integrated circular antenna delivers extraordinary reliability, no matter the orientation of the tag. Workers can accurately and rapidly capture RFID tags on even the most challenging items — from a shelf of clothing in a retail stock room to a box of files in the office — in half the time as the next leading competitor.1

Superior sensitivity for greater accuracy

Zebra’s high-performance ASIC radio technology provides superior sensitivity and greater read accuracy, delivering a read rate that is more than 25% faster and over 40% more accurate1 than other devices in this class.

Integrated enterprise-class 1D/2D barcode scanning

Workers don’t need to juggle different devices to capture RFID tags and barcodes — the MC3330xR can capture it all. Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology enables instant barcode capture on even the most challenging barcodes, including poorly printed, damaged, crinkled, faded, truncated and low contrast barcodes. And the expanded working range and wide field of view allow workers to scan barcodes nearer and farther away.

Easy-to-use locating technology

The MC3330xR can help pinpoint the location of a specific item. Item Finder mode uses audible and visual cues to quickly guide workers to the location of any desired item.

Capture multiple barcodes and entire forms with a single scan

Do you need to capture multiple barcodes on one or more labels on an item? The MC3330xR makes it easy. Workers can easily capture all the right barcodes on numerous labels, all with one press of the scan trigger.

More rugged and ready for all-day business

The MC3330xR offers a 5 ft./1.5 m drop specification and with IP54 sealing, it can handle splashing liquid and dust. The Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch panel and imager window bring maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing to two of the most vulnerable device features. The result? Workers can drop the MC3330xR on concrete and use it in dusty areas — and still expect reliable operation.

Power full shifts with the class-leading 7000mAh battery

The new 7000mAh extended capacity battery is standard with every MC3330xR. More power means fewer battery changes, easier battery management and a smaller battery pool. And Zebra’s PowerPrecision technology provides a full suite of metrics that make it easy to identify, remove and replace aging batteries.

Lightweight and streamlined design

The MC3330xR is one of the lightest UHF RFID readers in its class and is built for easy one-handed use, whether workers are right- or left-handed.

Unparalleled computing power

Power your most demanding apps of today and tomorrow with a superior processor and memory — every model offers an ultra-powerful 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM/32 GB Flash.

Backward compatible accessories

You can use most of your existing MC3200/MC3300/MC3300R accessories for a cost-effective upgrade. And choose from new accessories like the universal ShareCradle that simplifies backroom management.

Feedback for any environment

With high visibility LEDs, workers can easily keep track of charging status and confirm a task was completed, even in the noisiest environments. LEDs are located on both sides of the device to ensure visibility from any angle.

Integrated NFC for simple, split-second pairing

With a quick tap, workers can pair the MC3330xR with Zebra’s family of ring scanners, mobile printers, and Bluetooth headsets. And you can also use the NFC reader for “tap to authenticate” applications, where workers simply tap their employee ID badge to log into authorized applications and resources.

The perfect combination: large touchscreen and keypad

Whether your application requires touch or physical keypad input, we’ve got you covered. Your application can utilize the entire display, while the physical keypad provides the same familiar user input experience your workers have today. And with three different options, you can choose the right keypad for your data entry needs — alphanumeric, numeric and functional numeric.

The only device in this class to offer Android 10

The most powerful version of Android yet, Android 10 makes the MC3330xR easier to use and even more secure. For your IT department, there are 50 new security and privacy improvements.

A lifetime security guard for Android

With LifeGuard™ for Android™, you get the security updates you need to keep your MC3330xR RFID readers secure every day they are in service — along with an easy end-to-end control of the OS update process, plus built-in support for the next version of Android.

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