A new category of individually assigned enterprise mobile computers

Introducing the thinnest, lightest Zebra mobile computer yet — the EC50 WiFi and EC55 WiFi/cellular enterprise mobile computers. Designed to be individually assigned, these devices are always at your workers’ fingertips, ready to work whether your workers are inside your facility or out in the field. You get the best of all worlds — the great smartphone look and feel workers want in their business device, the durability for all-day everyday business, plus all the business features your workers need to drive personal productivity, collaboration and device value to a new high. Mobility DNA tools take ease-of-use, device security and device manageability to a new level. It’s ready for the future with support for payment options and RFID. You get extreme flexibility — in just seconds, the same device that slips into a pocket can turn into a full workstation, a gun-style device that brings extreme comfort to scan intensive tasks, and a two-way radio or a PBX handset for better collaboration via voice and text. The ability to purchase these devices for four years eliminates the complexities of managing different models with different platforms. And the optional gold standard in support is available to keep your devices up, running and in the hands of your workers. The EC50/EC55 — the individually assigned smartphone-style enterprise mobile computer that’s all business.

Get real pocket-power with true smartphone-style ergonomics

With its sleek smartphone styling, the EC50/EC55 easily fits in a pocket or a wearable accessory. It’s always available, ready to provide workers with whatever they need to get the job done.

Application performance that never keeps you waiting

Get wired-style voice and data application performance with the ultra-powerful advanced SD660 octa-core processor.

Android for instant familiarity — and virtually no learning curve

Android 10 delivers all the benefits of the latest version of Android, and your workers get a device they already know how to use — virtually eliminating training time and adoption curves.

Do more with more wireless connections

Stay connected with unmatched, fast and dependable ‘wired-quality’ WiFi connections that deliver near instant application response times with Zebra’s Fusion, 2×2 MU-MIMO support and WorryFree WiFi. Get better Bluetooth peripheral performance with Bluetooth 5.0, which offers twice the speed and four times the range, all with less power. And with integrated Bluetooth and NFC, just tap to read ID cards; pair a printer, and in the near future, complete a purchase.

Power every minute of every workday

The standard battery provides 10 hours of power. For longer shifts, an optional extended battery provides 13 hours of power.

Better productivity with a large 5 in. HD screen

The large screen provides plenty of space for information, while multi-touch support allows workers to intuitively interact with applications.

Enterprise-class data capture

The optional built-in scanner enables the capture of virtually any barcode in any condition, including Digimarc. And the 13 MP color rear camera makes it easy to capture detailed photos and videos to document proof of condition, proof of return and more.

Real business durability

The ‘work-worthy’ design is virtually waterproof, drop-proof and dust-proof. Corning Gorilla® Glass® brings maximum scratch-and-impact resistance to two of the most vulnerable device components — the touchpanel and scanner exit window. And the optional protective case provides additional protection if the device is dropped.

Better connect your teams with ready-to-use voice solutions

With Workforce Connect PTT Express, your workers are always just the press of a button away, able to place and receive crystal clear PTT calls over your WiFi network — no extra infrastructure to purchase. Do you want to connect workers indoors and outside? Just activate a PTT Pro subscription and your workers will be up and running in as little as a day. Want your EC50/EC55 devices to double as PBX handsets? With Workforce Connect Voice, you can easily create a custom interface that makes it easy to execute even the most complex telephony functions.

Accessorize for success

Just place the EC50/EC55 into the powerful workstation cradle to instantly transform the EC50/EC55 into a full workstation, complete with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and more. Or, keep it right at your fingertips with the holster or hand strap.

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