A New Approach

A growing brick-and-mortar retailer needed a new hand held scanning device that delivered an upgrade from its current inventory management technology. With this move, this nationwide retailer sought the opportunity to reduce downtime with future-proof technology that ensured long-term use and upgradeability. This major retailer needed an industrial scanning solution that provides security related to the devices, software, firmware, and system, combined with state-of-the-art scanning technology. One that would improve inventory management for increased productivity and inventory accuracy, enable stronger barcode reading performance, and capture clear images of damaged goods for future review and assessment.

Select Industrial Related Devices

Previously, this renowned retailer used consumer grade devices in its stores. Since these devices are not designed for it, scanning performance was poor and provided low accuracy. The devices were vulnerable to damage by the employees. Staff were often complaining of the device’s screen, awkward handling, inability to take repetitive scans quickly, and difficulty in assessing if an accurate read was made. The new device needed to be heavier, industrial rated for durability, handle multiple drops and still perform. The customer also required the devices to be built to their color and logo specifications for increased brand recognition.

All Is In The Form Factor

In discussing initially their needs, the customer found the Datalogic suggestion of upgrading to a pistol-grip form factor a very appealing approach to benefit their business needs. This industrial configuration clearly differentiates the devices from their existing devices and supports high volumes scanning since it is much easier and natural for people to scan pulling a trigger.

With the staff productivity in mind, a larger display enhances the ergonomics and makes it easier on the eye of the operator. The form factor is supported by a wide variety of accessories such as belt holsters, take-up reels, and external rubber boots that benefit reducing fatigue of employees constantly handling the devices in the stores.

Performance Matters

In order to meet the business needs of the customer, a solution that offers improved scanning speed, accuracy, durability and increased battery life was needed. The customer was seeking a professional device that met all needs in order to achieve an increase in employee productivity and efficiency, a tool with the capabilities to better track damaged goods and reduce operation costs. The Datalogic Joya™ Touch A6 was the ideal fit for their application. The 2D image-based scan engine provided the ability to read both 1D and 2D barcodes at a much higher accuracy rate. The scanner also supports the ability to read barcodes from a digital screen to support shopper rewards programs and coupons from a mobile device. A larger display provides enhanced ergonomics and makes the device easier on the eye of the operator. The old solution did not notify the operator that accurate reads were made. To save the employees time, the customer wanted a technology proving a visual indicator that a good-read was obtained and Datalogic’s highly visible ‘Green Spot’ technology insured this requirement was fully satisfied. The industry-leading 12-hour battery life of the device insures minimum downtime and prevents the need to recharge mid-shift, keeping employees productive throughout the day.

Durability And Ruggedness

When having the initial discussions with the customer, they stressed the importance of having a device that could withstand the day-to-day operations of their stores. They were seeking a device that was cost-effective, while at the same time, offered a rugged design and high-level of durability. This technology withstands repeated drops from 1.2 m / 4.0 ft insuring longevity of the device and maximum ROI of the customer’s investment.


With device security at the forefront of any mobile device user’s concerns, this retailer needed a comprehensive service and technical support program. The customer receives quarterly firmware and software updates with Joya Touch’s Datalogic Shield™ support program. The IT security platform enables application restriction and monitoring of applications on the device allowing them to lock the device down to only the applications that they select, and the ability to locate the device if it’s misplaced in the store. To ensure constant availability of the devices and avoid any downtime when a device is damaged or in need of maintenance, the retailer wanted to simplify the process of ordering replacement units or parts, guaranteeing overnight receipt with a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. To satisfy this customer requirement, Datalogic was able to offer the EASEOFCARE program of priority advanced replacement and repairs. This means less downtime for the retailer and no waiting for broken products to be received before a new one is provided.

Future Proofing

Future-proofing their purchase was a key motivator for this retailer. While today they are only scanning 1D barcodes, the future is moving to 2D barcodes, and this retailer wanted to be prepared. Not only does the Joya A6 platform support 1D and 2D barcodes, it is guaranteed until 2025 taking this retailer into the future as technology moves forward. This provides the retailer with the ability to make changes to their existing applications in the future to support changes in market trends and functionality with regards to their business needs.

Leveraging A Trusted Partner

Key to this retailer’s decision was leveraging a long-standing relationship with Datalogic and their ability to design and manufacture a hand-held device to their unique specifications. The color and design requirements were very specific, as well as the need to add the company’s logo. Using their brand box and promoting brand awareness was very important. This retailer found that Datalogic was the only manufacturer that could meet their specifications.

Additionally, to eliminate extra labor, the battery is installed at the point of manufacture, allowing the retailer to have an out-of-box, instant plug-and-play solution. All in all, this major retailer, with nationwide presence in the US, found in Datalogic the best solution matching their business needs, the ability to fully customize the solution to their brand box, and the continuous technical support to guarantee maximum longevity of their investment. Very few providers can satisfy all of the necessary requirements set by the retailer.

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