Ovotrack have been providing information systems for the egg grading and egg processing industry since 2000. Ovotrack develop and implement traceability solutions at egg processing centres offerin full traceability, labelling and stock control of eggs and egg packaging material from the farmer to the retailer.

The Ovotrack solution consists of a database, and several software modules based on barcode scanning and data capture, “On Farm Scanning” being a good example of this. Labels containing all the necessary information such as name, address and registration number are applied as soon as the eggs are ready on a pallet or container at the poultry farm. The labels are scanned by the drivers during pallet pickup at the farms using an integrated barcode scanner. The drivers then enter the laying date and maybe the number of seconds. During unloading at the packing centre the mobile computer can upload the information to the database through Wi-Fi so that the ungraded inventory is updated automatically. This upload can also be
done remotely if the PDA contains a SIM card.

The Challange

“The phasing out of Windows CE prompted us to look for a new mobile barcode terminal” Says Job Beekhuis, CEO of Ovotrack, from the headquarters in Amerongen, central Netherlands. “Switching to Android was the starting point for us. We have been working with Datalogic Diamond partner Vierpool for some time now. Vierpool has in-house knowledge in the products, applications and, last but not least, the market in which we operate. We often involve Vierpool in the design and development phase to add new functionalities”

The Solution

After a careful selection process, the choice fell on Datalogic’s Memor 10. In addition to a high industrial specification, the Memor 10 has an up-to-date Operating System: Android OS and is part of the “Android Enterprise Recommended” program from Google.

“There is a guarantee for security patches and updates, which fits in perfectly with our aim of keeping our pocket PCs updated and our data traffic secure, enabling us to grant our customers access to the Ovotrack database. The Memor 10 has wireless communication, both WiFi and 4G + and the display brightness enables users to read information more easily.

“These are justsome of the Memor 10 unique features, and you will also find Datalogic’s patented “Green-Spot” technology in the pocket PC, which is definitely an advantage.” Beekhuis continues enthusiastically “The “GreenSpot” is projected onto the barcode label after a good scan. It is intuitively the place a user looks at while scanning a barcode (and not on the terminal itself). When the standard ‘beep’ is not always audible in a noisy environment, the ‘Green Spot’ is the solution so that users can also continue scanning quickly.

Another reason why Ovotrack chose the Memor 10 was its unique and innovative wireless battery charging method. For the user, this means that the mobile computer can be charged without the need for charging contacts that form the connection between the barcode terminal and the charging station. These contacts can be sensitive to moisture, pollution and wear as a result of frequent loading and unloading from the charger. In practice, the conventional charging station often turns out to be a “dust catcher” which reduces reliability when charging, with the risk that a user is unexpectedly confronted with a barcode terminal that is no longer charged and therefore no longer working during a shift.

The Result

“An additional advantage is that we already use different models of Datalogic scanning equipment in various applications” says Beekhuis “Based on our experience we know we can rely on the Datalogic brand, with the added bonus that a “one brand” policy radiates professionalism and stability to our customers