The 8690i drives streamlined workflows via a single device for many applications, satisfying needs for an RFID reader, scanner and mobile computer. The customizable user-facing display communicates workflow instructions, while the two-button interface enables users to navigate menus and confirm selections. In addition, the 8690i wearable mini mobile computer connects directly to the network application through Wi-Fi and the SDK, even enabling offline functionality via TotalFreedom™ plugin development.

The ergonomic 8690i Wearable RFID Mini Mobile Computer delivers essential workflow information directly to the worker’s line of sight and enables input to support common workflows with a single device. Eliminating wasted motion with always-at-hand, ergonomic RFID reading and scanning drives efficiency in high-frequency workflows.

About the 8690i

Merging typical applications, such as picking, packing and sorting, onto a single device offers improved ergonomics with reduced acquisition and operating costs when compared to wearable scanners plus mobile computer solutions. In addition, rapid RFID product and location identification can enable up to a 66% reduction1 in steps per transaction vs. handheld barcode scanning applications in high-frequency workflows, increasing productivity and operational throughput.

Available 4 or 12-bay chargers for devices or batteries ensure simplicity to support high volume consolidated settings or widely distributed workflows. The 8690i wearable mini mobile computer can add efficiency and effectiveness to even the most common tasks with advanced performance to drive highly efficient workflows and durability to survive demanding operating environments.