Mobile Solutions are Revolutionizing Patient Care

Driving Efficiencies Across All Areas of Healthcare

Creating a successful clinical mobility strategy requires a forward-thinking approach that focuses on improving patient outcomes, while accounting for future technology advancements and the seamless integration with existing IT investments.

With the transition toward patient-centered care models, leading hospitals are increasingly investing in mobile communication solutions in order to improve care quality and outcomes, reduce healthcare delivery costs and increase patient and provider satisfaction.

The global healthcare mobility solutions market is valued at approximately $40 million USD in 2017 and is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 28.4% over the forecast period 2018–2025 .

According to a recent HIMSS study on mobility solutions in healthcare, providers indicated that while adoption is high, roughly 40% say that they still have unmet needs with their current mobility solutions. The research showed that the top three factors when adopting and implementing are:

Top 3 Drivers to Adopt:

  1. Staff/Clinician Productivity and Experience
  2. Enhanced Communications
  3. Integration with EHR

Top 3 Challenges to Implement:

  1. Cost
  2. Integration with EHR
  3. Data Security

Introducing Honeywell's Mobility Solution for Healthcare

Device Built for the Healthcare Environment

Are you constantly replacing your clinical mobility devices? Equip your clinical staff with a versatile, productivity tool that is built for the demanding needs of a healthcare environment. The Honeywell CT40HC Mobile Computer’s durable, but sleek design is ergonomic, lightweight and simple to use. It fits easily in the hand and is comfortable to use for all day productivity with 12+ hours of battery life 2. It also includes Honeywell’s 2D imager that quickly and accurately reads 1D and 2D barcodes on virtually any medium – vials, syringes, IV bags, patient wristbands and more. The 13 MP color camera also lets you document in electronic health records or digital patient chart. 

Unified Communications Platform

Is your clinical healthcare staff struggling to stay connected? Honeywell Smart Talk is a unified communications solution that can be added to the CT40 HC or to most types of mobile devices your hospital staff may already carry. Your staff is always connected and able to access critical patient information – from bedside point of care, to the pharmacy, to alert the emergency staff and everywhere in-between. Reliable VoIP, secure talk and text messaging and always-on presence power smarter communications for the entire hospital operations team from a single mobile device. With a constant and instant connection, the enabled device allows hospital staff to have the tools and information they need to deliver an exceptional patient care experience. Instant access to the hospital ecosystem also reduces clinical staff travel time and allows them to maintain social distance protocols for increased productivity and safety, and faster response times to patients. Honeywell Smart Talk enhances the patient experience by keeping the device-enabled hospital staff productive and communicating for a better outcome.

Asset Management and Analytics

Do you know where your devices are in the hospital or how your clinical staff is treating them? With Honeywell Operational Intelligence software, IT staff has access to actionable insights that can help answer critical questions. The cloud-based solution enables deeper insights into your clinical workforce – from basic device usage tracking to detecting potential abuse of company assets and more – so your healthcare organization can maximize the value and longevity of your device lifecycle and keep your staff focused on patients. Newer features of Operational Intelligence for healthcare providers give greater visibility over social distancing and implement additional cleaning protocols. These include:

Device Cleaning Manager
Configure and establish cleaning procedures and alerts for all employees to follow and electronically log cleaning events.

Asset Check-Out/Check-In
Accurate logging of which employees are using devices and gives real time visibility to each device’s location throughout the hospital, eliminating the additional costs of missing devices.

Remote Control and Device System Wipe
IT teams can quickly take control of a device in any location to remotely troubleshoot and wipe clean while limiting exposure and the need to physically handle the device.

Data Security and Long Lifecycle

Is your patient data safe and secure? Honeywell’s Mobility Edge is a unified hardware and software platform for mobile devices that helps healthcare organizations manage their solution efficiently to maximize uptime and minimize disruption. Honeywell has collaborated with Google and Qualcomm to provide a guarantee of compatibility and support for Mobility Edge all the way through Android R, offering healthcare providers the longest mobile device life cycle in the industry. Experience the power of Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform to extend the life of your mobile devices, ensuring your healthcare organization gets the full return on your solution investment. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform features enhanced built-in security features that can help safeguard sensitive patient data in Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) and other Protected Health Information (PHI), compared to other consumer-like devices and operating systems that do not offer the same level of data security and protection. 

Sanitation Protocol

Are your mobility devices built to withstand frequent cleaning? For over a decade, Honeywell has been providing devices and hardware to hospitals and healthcare providers with our Disinfectant-Ready Housing (DRH), a healthcare solution designed specifically to address the needs of the industry, and the CT40 HC mobile computer is no exception. Cleaning and disinfecting are the first steps to disease and infection control, so it is vital that your devices can withstand the harsh cleaning chemicals required to be used in a healthcare facility without compromising the lifespan or integrity of the unit – all while protecting a healthcare organization’s investment.


The adoption and use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have seen steady growth with a 46% global increase in the past 5 years, according to the World Health Organization3. The benefits of EHR’s are enhancing privacy and security of patient data, enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated care and helping providers more effectively diagnose patients while reducing medical errors and providing safer care.

Honeywell partners with the industry’s top certified EHR providers to ensure compatibility and seamless integration so existing users avoid any downtime or difficulty when introducing a new mobility solution. The Honeywell CT40 HC mobile computer is approved for use with the Epic Rover application and the Cerner CareAware® Connect application, to name a few.

Rest Assured That Your Investment is Protected

Honeywell’s enterprise mobility healthcare solution offers your organization the peace of mind that your technology investment will last for years to come. With a better total cost of ownership than a common consumer device, your investment extends further, putting money back in your pocket for other medical supplies and priorities. With Honeywell Edge Services, you can be safe knowing that we will support you through the entire product lifecycle – from infrastructure planning and installation, to migration, to ongoing support and recycling. From device acquisition to post development service and repairs, and every stage in-between, Honeywell Edge Services gives you the confidence of having leading-class technologies combined with service and support plans that are designed to keep you operational for longer.

In fact, extending device lifecycle from 5 to 7 years reduces the total cost of ownership by over 50% by reducing training, deployment and acquisition costs .

The Solution of Healthcare is Mobility

Your mobility technology should enable and empower your workforce, not be a barrier or cause of frustration. With Honeywell’s mobility solutions for healthcare, you can equip your clinicians and hospital staff with the right tools they need to focus on what matters most – the patient.

The Future is What We Make It. Learn how Honeywell can partner with you to shape the future of your healthcare organization.