How Leveraging the Latest Mobile PDA Computers Across the Connected Enterprise Enhance the Experience and Bottom Line

Enhance the Experience for All Parties – Enterprise, Employees, and Customers – By Leveraging the Latest Mobile PDA Computers Across the Connected Enterprise.

Connected Retail Grow 300% Faster, Higher Customer Satisfaction

Everyone agrees that in today’s retail marketplace, the customer is king. But in an omni-channel universe with global supply chains, who is the customer? Is it the shopper in the aisle? Is it the employee confirming an online package pickup while an anxious customer waits? Is it the retail company dealing with suppliers around the globe? The simple answer is yes — all these entities are customers.

But the question remains: What tools and strategies can improve service for all these groups?

Connected Enterprises Focus on Customers

In today’s connected retail enterprise, workforce skills are essential to successful business operations. But equipping your staff with the right tools for everyday tasks also plays a critical role in boosting employee performance, especially in customer-centric, data-driven retail operations.

“These days, mobile technologies are an integral part of the work environment. The proliferation of devices — whether in the hands of customers, partners, or employees — is delivering unprecedented access to information, improved productivity and collaboration, and increased engagement for organizations,” says Jessica Goepfert, program vice president, Customer Insights & Analysis at International Data Corporation (IDC). “In consumer-centric industries such as retail and banking, mobility projects are focused on creating and delivering exceptional customer experiences with hopes of building loyalty and trust.” According to IDC, 63% of global enterprises regard mobility as the most significant factor contributing to competitive advantage, and more than seven in ten cite it as a top priority.

With the exponential growth in online retailing creating an expectation among customers for real-time engagement, savvy retailers are running against the clock to deliver seamless visibility and better experiences across every touch point in the buying process, both inside the store and out.

Powerful and rugged mobile PDA computers designed specifically for enterprise use can access enterprise networks as well as public networks, empowering the workforce toward higher productivity and sales. Armed with enterprise-grade mobile computers, retail employees can capture and report insightful data in real time for use across the enterprise while facilitating a deeper level of collaboration. By combining real-time visibility with collaboration software tools, employees can feel confident in their ability to meet customer needs, improving operations across the retail enterprise.

Benefits of the Connected Enterprise

The adoption of mobile PDA computers improves customer experiences and enterprise productivity and profitability by providing real-time data visibility between front, middle, and back office functions. By connecting data streams from point of sale (POS) through customer service, warehousing, and distribution throughout the supply chain, retailers can deliver a seamless customer experience and drive growth to their enterprises while remaining confident that their computing platforms will be able to respond to new demands tomorrow.

A new generation of rugged and compact mobile PDA devices, such as the Datalogic Memor™ 20 — with its powerful processor and ultra-slim 2D imager, and exclusive Green Spot technology to confirm a good scan — can effortlessly capture, report, and access insightful data in real-time. Unlike other devices in the market, the larger screen display, easier for employees to read, while still in a compact, rugged and appealing form-factor, the Memor™ 20 will enhance the ability to seamlessly accomplish tasks with the utmost accuracy for multi-channel visibility.

Personnel equipped with enterprise-grade mobile computers can capture, see, or share reliable data in real time. This functionality is critical to completing jobs with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, mobile solutions mean that employees don’t have to go to workstations to check on inventory or report sales, saving time and energy and boosting morale. Managers have the flexibility to use one common tool for unified communication and collaboration between employees, external vendors, and delivery drivers.

At the same time, customers can expect immediate and responsive service from a mobile computing–connected enterprise. An improved experience becomes a reality at every stage of the customer journey when employees have access to relevant data faster. Powerful tools such as mobile PDA computers offer faster service, reduced waiting time, and personalized customer treatment.


By placing mobile computers in the hands of key employees, retail operations can align different departments while maintaining a sense of transparency and accountability. KPMG and Forrester2, attribute the success of connected enterprise operations in part to this collaborative confidence in their new report, which notes that connected enterprises perform two times better than organizations that lack the technology.

Powerful PDAs — a Master Link in Retail Operations

As market data clearly show, retail operations connected by mobile computers are more efficient and profitable. Technology can have a big impact on a company’s efficiency, employee productivity, engagement, collaboration, and communication, but only if the right hardware and software technology is chosen and implemented properly.

In the search for the ideal mobile industrial PDA computer, today’s connected enterprise should first look for a robust design, easy-to-read display, premium-class imager, and high-performing processor, but not forget to look for important new innovations.

For instance, it is highly recommended to examine features that will make a big difference in enterprise environments and on the bottom line. For example: how to eliminate potential failures caused by delicate charging port contact points? Being the #1 cause of lifetime degradation, companies should carefully consider wireless charging options. As another important matter, preventing unauthorized use, loss, or theft of the smart devices when stored in the docking stations is a problem to be evaluated. When the devices can be secured and physically locked, a higher level of user’s accountability is provided, and replacement costs are significantly reduced. Recently, a major retailer chose Datalogic devices to stop losing 250-plus PDAs per week caused by theft, damage, and misplacement. These types of innovative features will help provide an instant ROI to the technology investment.

For selecting the solution that would perfectly match your retail operation needs, improve customer experience, growth, and profitability, check www.datalogic. com.